The countdown is on! This convention will be your chance to see the latest in cellular health, get a glimpse of where ASEA is going next, get energized with new information and reconnect with friends.

Join us on September 25-26, 2020, for the world’s largest global gathering of ASEA associates. Experience three packed days of keynote announcements, in-depth content, professional development workshops, and networking.

Given the status of COVID-19-enacted restrictions around the world—particularly in California where our annual event was planned to be held and where restrictions have been among the most stringent in the United States—we have decided that a virtual conference is in the best interest of our global community. While your safety and well-being are absolutely paramount for us, so too is your ability to learn even more about our products, to benefit from world-class training that can support and drive your business, and to connect with others in the ASEA global community who can support your growth.

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ASEA Peak Performance Events

Each event features specialized training that will give you all the tools you need to reach the peak of your ability and performance.


Acceleration where depth meets height. Ascent will now be an annually attended incentive. Each new rewards trip provides a taste of the summit life while emphasizing the depth of foundation required to reach it.

Diamond Summit

Diamond Summit is the most prestigious getaway you can earn with ASEA. Each year, top performers are whisked away to a luxury resort and treated to excursions and the opportunity to network with other leaders.

Legacy Experience

The ASEA Legacy Experience invites elite associate leaders to experience their Ambassador and Presidential lifetime achievements over eight days of new adventures and extended stays.