ASEA Diamond Summit 2020


ASEA Peak Performance Qualifier:

With the global spread of COVID-19 coronavirus affecting the EU with reported cases in multiple countries, ASEA is joining fellow corporate citizens in taking the precaution of avoiding large gatherings, especially where travel across borders is involved.

Given this unfortunate situation, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our European events originally scheduled for May. Both the Ascent (Dubrovnik, Croatia) and Diamond Summit (Rome, Italy) incentive trips have been canceled.

Please note that this cancellation does not affect the 2020 Ascent Asia and Diamond Summit Asia trips in Bali, Indonesia, which both currently remain on the calendar for June as planned.

Considering everything these annual events mean to all of us—connecting with new people, spending time with old friends, learning new ways to build our businesses, celebrating our successes, and more—we have not made this decision lightly. We are, however, confident that this is the most responsible course of action at this time. Your work in qualifying for these events is still a great achievement that we recognize and work daily to adequately acknowledge and reward.

The well-being of associates who have qualified for these events, as well as corporate employees assigned as event staff, is among our top priorities. We have been monitoring emergency policies around the globe that could affect all who travel, and, while we do not believe reacting in alarm is beneficial, we do believe it is imperative to carefully consider the safety of our ASEA family.

Ascent and Diamond Summit 2020 Qualifiers

All current event qualifiers will automatically qualify for next year’s events, as long as they remain active in accordance with the ASEA compensation plan. Dates and locations for next year’s events will be announced at a later time. In addition, current qualifiers will receive more information in the coming months about the reward/recognition that will take the place of this year’s events.

Travel and Hotel Cancelations

ASEA is taking care of travel and lodging cancelations. However, if you are one of the few associates who booked your own flight, please contact your airline directly. Most airline policies will provide a full refund or compensatory credit, and many have even expanded leniency within their policies to alleviate challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

While we are very disappointed we can’t be together this year for Ascent and Diamond Summit, we are confident that our business remains extremely healthy and we are incredibly optimistic about the future of ASEA across the globe.

Thank you for your contributions toward our success, as well as for understanding this unfortunate change of plans. Please feel free to contact our support team with any questions beyond the event cancellations above at

Tyler Norton, Founder

Chuck Funke, CEO

Jarom Webb, President