Join us on a journey straight into 1001 Nights and travel with us to the enchanting city of Marrakesh with the ASEA 2021 Desert Rose incentive! Build your business, get your reward and experience a magic trip to the fascinating “Pearl of the South”.

The ASEA® Legacy Experience invites elite associate leaders to experience their Ambassador and Presidential lifetime achievements in the natural and cultural richness of Africa.

This year’s conference is 9-11 September 2021 and features a celebration of ASEA’s 10th anniversary. The event includes a lineup of captivating speakers, a wealth of in-depth product-related content, and professional and business development opportunities.

The 2022 convention is coming 21-23 April 2022!
Our global convention has been the largest gathering of ASEA associates worldwide for the past decade. It’s an incredible event that has gotten better with each year.